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My Mom Passed Away ):

Rest in peace, Mom. March 28, 1934 – May 13, 2020

Both my father and my mother got the COVID-19 virus. My father got through it just fine and with almost no symptoms.

I’m sad to report that my mother did not.

We were told on Mother’s Day that she tested positive for the virus, and three days later we were told she passed away. I miss her very much and I always will.

Jason, Mom, Ryan, and me in back with the goofy fake smile.

My mother and father live(d) in separate nursing homes, and they have been divorced since the early ’70’s. My mother’s second husband Bob passed away in 1999. My father’s second wife Frances passed away last year.

Of course this post is about Mom, but there is sometimes some confusion about the above so I thought I’d preemptively explain it.

Mom had been battling Alzheimer’s and Lung cancer, but it was Covid-19 that took her life. She seemed to be dealing with the other things fairly well, considering.

My mother was a beautiful person and was loved by everyone that knew her. I know that if not for the COVID restrictions, people would have been lining up outside of the funeral home and down the sidewalk.

Only ten were allowed in at a time and the visitation was only for an hour. I’m not disputing the rules. I’m just sad that they needed to exist.

Just before her birthday the pandemic caused all the nursing homes to restrict visitation, so I hadn’t seen her in about two months. We were looking forward to the warmer weather so we could visit outdoors like we did last summer.

Well, I suppose that’s it for this post for now, but I reserve the right to post memories, stories, photos, and other things that might randomly come to mind from time to time, either adding to this post or throughout the blog.

I’ll end with a quote from the last paragraph of Mom’s obituary.

Phyllis wrote that her last wish was for everyone to be kind to one another. So in memory of Phyllis, her family requests that everyone performs an act of kindness.

Happy…Acts of Kindness.

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