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My Car Passed (Update 4)…Life on Hold Part IV

Car Update 4
Back in August I got my car back with a “new” engine. It’s got the warranty that I had stated in an earlier post, but I had said a “new” engine and it’s actually a rebuilt. It’s soooo much better than the old one (before it’s demise)! It seems to have more power, better acceleration, better gas mileage. But right from the start there’s been a gasoline odor, which turned out to be, not surprisingly, a fuel leak (fuel rail). My mechanic is trying to find out what the warranty people want him to do. He said they might even have him replace the engine. Whew. Deep breaths. WTF!

In the meantime, I’m enjoying driving it, but not enjoying the gas odor, which makes me feel a little ill at times. Lately though, it’s also been ticking like it’s low on oil but it’s not low on oil. I told him about it and he didn’t seem too concerned. I hope it’s nothing serious and can be remedied. I was recently due for an oil change and that didn’t change the ticking (or is it rattling?) issue.

Another Injury Of Course
In September I fractured my right ankle, because I needed a distraction I guess. I was in a splint at first, then a boot, then just an over-the-counter ankle brace, and now it’s essentially healed. I really need PT but, you know, I’m supposed to be on the move. I will have to be out of this house very soon. I think I’ll talk to the doctor about what I can do on my own. I know I need to build up strength big time, in both legs! I’ve been wanting to join Planet Fitness but have been nervous about COVID (I always have an excuse!). I’m sure they must keep things wiped down etc., and if it’s not too crowded it’s probably ok.

Time Is Of The Essence
I gave the RV shop the go-ahead to get the parts needed to make the car flat-towable. I haven’t heard back from them in awhile either. It’ll be interesting to see who will get the car first. It’s probably best if the mechanic gets it done first, especially if it’s going to be an engine swap. I just know I have better things to do than to wait around for everyone to get their shit together.

That includes me though, as I haven’t been fully able to pack my stuff and be ready to move and I’m also trying to reduce what I have in storage, to save monthly money.

Between all this and medical appointments, and the need to get legal assistance/advice on a couple things, and the pandemic to boot, I’m stuck here while I could be traveling around the country, in warmer weather and trying to enjoy life.

Lately I’ve been missing the whole paranormal investigating thing. I still couldn’t physically do it right now though, plus I’d most likely have to live in the area if I was on a paranormal team. I do plan/hope to explore paranormal hotspots while in my travels and maybe that would include some investigation as well, especially if I’m not doing it alone and I’m in ok shape by then.

On a related note, I need to talk with someone for some needed spiritual advice and guidance. No details for you on that right now, but there are a few items I need to talk about with someone.

Sigh Again…
I’ve also been missing my garden and my chickens. Well, maybe not that garden in particular although it was finally becoming something. It’s the time of year for the garden plans and daydreams to surface, so that’s understandable. I have the chicken coop that I need to find a home for (either to store for my future use or give/sell to someone to put to good use). That got me looking through photos I had taken of the build, which I’d show to a potential taker. And that inevitably led to looking at photos and videos of my chickens. Aww, I miss them. Sigh.

More To Come
Well, “life on hold” has simply become just another chapter of my life, and soon the chapter will be ending (one way or another) and yet another one, which has kinda already started, will be underway. It’s hard to say right now how long of a chapter full-time RV life will be. I hope it won’t be the final one, but if it is, it will hopefully a very long one. After seeing what I gotta see (traveling), I do want to settle back into the mini-farm life again. And I’m not getting any younger.

Happy Living!

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