This started out as a gardening blog, where I shared my experiences building up a somewhat depleted plot of land at my mother’s home, into something to be proud of. Just as I was getting close to that goal (and got chickens too!), my life was uprooted (no pun intended) and that plot now belongs to someone else and my work over the years is growing beautiful (I assume) grass. I always knew grass would grow well there. Anyway, in the long run, I guess it WAS impossible.

So I bought a motorhome.

Not on a whim. I bought it for two reasons.

1) Since I had to leave where I was and I really couldn’t afford rent to live somewhere else, I thought my best bet would be full time RVing (I’m not agile enough for a van down by the river). That was perfectly fine with me, since…

2) I had always wanted to travel and see the USA and

Canada. And although my mind is set on settling in a certain state in the northeast U.S. (you sound like a snake when you read that part out loud 🙂 ), this will give me a chance to fall in love with another part of the country…if it’s meant to be…maybe a warmer part. Haha.

Welcome to Wayne’s Impossible [something].

Rather than make a new blog for RV living, I decided to combine it with this one. I’ll be trying to think of a new name for the overall site in the meantime.

The gardening blog retains the name This Impossible Garden (for now) and the new one is RV Living. You’ll find them in the main menu up there ^. There may be more categories added later as well. Update: For general life posts, I’ve added This Impossible Life!


Actually my very first RV Living post is in both categories, and that will probably happen often. Especially since the thought of not gardening has me researching ways of gardening while RVing. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

And finally, the pandemic has life’s different aspects moving at different speeds. I might end up buying a house before I even get to travel. Then there will be more choices to make.

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Happy Gard- uhh…Living!