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Here We Go

The time is almost here. Time to hit the road. It’s been coming for a long time but I’m still not ready! I am nervous but also looking forward to it. I’ve tried to be prepared in every way but you can’t think of everything. Fingers crossed. I also have a ton of loose ends before I go. I hope I get them done in time. More on this in This Impossible Life (Down to the Wire).

My first big trip with the motorhome will be across the northeast to the midwest, where I will spend some time with an old friend. I’ll probably be staying in her house, which raises two concerns:

  1. Mila. My friend has cats and they go outside. Mila will probably hide, or will she fight? Not sure. But she doesn’t go outside. I know that will change with this new lifestyle, but in a controlled manner…on my terms…with a harness and leash. My friend said we can set up a room for her and that’s probably the best idea at this point. Not perfect but it might work.
  2. Where to put the motorhome while I’m staying there. She thinks in front of her house (if the ditch is filled in) or in her driveway which could work. I don’t know if the town or the neighbors will have a problem with it out front but maybe I’m overthinking it. Anyway, I’ll need a free or very cheap alternate just in case.
  3. I gave my friend a call. The room (which will actually be my room while I’m there) is good size and should work out fine for Mila. She’s looking into options for “storing” the motorhome in addition to her place, so it’s not in front of her house the whole time. So I am overthinking things I s’pose.
Mila Monster

Loose Ends Today I dropped off my SUV to have the base plate and wiring, etc. done, so it will be flat-towable. I should have it back by the weekend. Well, they were sure of it. I reserve the right to be skeptical. But it really shouldn’t take that long. I need the car this Sunday, and want it all the rest of the time. So I need to get the motorhome ready for safe travel – get things secured inside, in storage area. I need to get it de-winterized, cat-ready. I need to check all the fluids, make sure it’s running great (it was only running ok before), tires are properly inflated, and fill up the propane. Of course only some of that is necessary for when I pick up the car when it’s ready. I got a price on having them install my solar for me because I am still having physical difficulties. I got two prices, one for the whole install and one for the roof stuff. I might do the roof stuff but I don’t know if there will be time before I go.

For non-RV stuff, I still have to pack things up to move out of here. I should get Mila a check-up, rabies shot, maybe something for anxiety. I haven’t even been able to get her harness trained. I have a few items I want to sell, or at least get it out of here and into storage. I have a couple doctor appointments the week before I go too. I’m down to the wire and dragging my feet. Shame on me.

On a happier note, I got a new camera. I needed something smaller and lighter than my EOS 50D. I got (well, it will be arriving today or tomorrow) a Canon EOS M50. I wanted my next camera to be a full frame sensor. I had to settle for another APS-C for financial reasons, but I think it is going to be great. I can’t wait to try it out.

Hit The Road Jack This first big trip will put seven states on my sticker map! That will give me ten! One-fifth of my goal! Unless I don’t have time for the first leg, which will be visiting family in Vermont.

Oh wait, VT is already on the map so that won’t be affected. I’ve seen a lot of Vermont over the years, so if I don’t have time for sightseeing etc., it’s OK, plus I’ll be back again for sure.

From Vermont I’ll have two stays in New York, where I will hopefully meet up with my brother who I haven’t seen in many years. New York is a huge state with a lot to see, I believe.

I’m sure I’ll be back to see more. I know I’ll be stopping by Niagara Falls, assuming all goes to plan. I’ll see it someday on the Canada side too, and I heard that’s better.

I’m looking forward to Ohio and visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. It’s kind of a bucket list thing! I hope I can hold up to see the whole thing. My legs get so tired lately. If not I might have to come back but I don’t know how close (far in advance?) you can reserve a visit. I’m very excited about this. Lots of picture will be taken!

When I get to the eastern coast of Michigan, I hope to meet a YouTuber who I have followed for many years. He has a brick ‘n’ mortar store but I’m going to contact him ahead of time anyway. Next, on the western coast, if we can maneuver around her work schedule, I’ll be meeting a friend that I’ve only known online, but for about 20-ish years.

Then in southern MI, just an overnight, relaxing, no pressure, R&(no-)R stay. The next day I’ll drive to Indiana where I’ll do the same (R&R), but for two nights. Then on to my friend’s house in Illinois. I was going to stay at a campsite for one night but since it’s only a half hour away and she seems ready for me (or will be by then) I should be able to go straight there.

Home Agai- wait… The return trip will take me through Kentucky, southern Ohio, a tiny bit of West Virginia (won’t count on my sticker map), through Pennsylvania, New York and finally back into Massachusetts. I have a tribal event and a cardiology appointment, then I’ll head back to Vermont for awhile. This is the time when I’ll have to start planning on full-time Rving, and not just traveling. There will be a separate post for the return trip.

Happy Living, Everybody!

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