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Down to the Wire

I will soon be embarking on a new journey that’s been a long time coming. I have anxiety about it of course, and naturally, I hope it all goes well. Once I set out on this trip I’ve planned, I’ll be a full time RV nomad. There will be no turning back and no home to come back to. That’s been the plan for a few years now but factors, especially the pandemic, have caused its delay.

From Joker movie, to keep it a neutral reference. 🙂

Now that it’s almost go time, the price of gas (and everything else) has skyrocketed, and the world (country) has gotten crazier…more hostile and stuff. My friend Jennifer (RIP 🙁 ), when I told her of the plan, was worried about the idea with all the stuff going on in parts of the country. At the time there were a lot of protests that were sometimes violent, and I think that was her main concern.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of RVers has soared and overcrowded campgrounds, and some of the (presumedly) new campers have managed to get free camping options, like Wal-Marts and National Parks, etc., shut down to RVers because of abuses, including leaving trash behind and overstaying permitted times. But I am hopeful that it will all be ok and the stories have been exaggerated.

Getting My Ducks in a Row

I have been trying to prepare, spending money now to save money later. For example I have a solar set-up to facilitate free boondocking. I still need it installed. I can’t do it, at least the roof parts ie; installing the panels, running the cables, because my physical condition has prevented me climbing the ladder up onto the roof and has reduced my general agility, all situations I hope to improve on. I’m afraid to find out how much it will cost to have it done.

I have also purchased several camping memberships that translate to free or discounted stays at RV parks and other places. Learning to do much of my own work and repairs should help save money, again if my agility allows it.

I have several other ducks that still need aligning but I’m realizing that some of those things can still be done after I head out, not necessarily a strict deadline. The transition isn’t such a rigid line and life continues as I know it, in many ways. Some of those things will help ease the financial pain I’m living with. I’m having a really rough time financially right now which is the reason for most of the anxiety.

I am down to the wire on moving out of the house as well. That is a strict deadline, since when I return I might no longer have access to the house. The good news is I haven’t been here long and don’t have too much stuff accumulated. I did move some items here when I was moving out of the previous home for storage, in addition to what I brought for living here and what I’ve bought since I’ve been here. I was going to have my sons help me with moving but they’ve been sick (COVID). They are doing fine.

Next week I’ll be without my car for a few days while they install a base plate and wiring, etc. to enable it to be towed by the motorhome (another source of my anxiety).

I have many items in storage that I’ve accumulated over my lifetime. I need to get rid of a lot of stuff so I can reduce it to a smaller (and therefore cheaper) storage unit. Every little bit helps.

This will sound frivolous, but I plan to buy a new camera. Being an avid amateur photographer, it’s important to me to document my trips. My present camera is old, outdated, very heavy, and very bulky. I’ll keep it for some occasions but for walking around I need a smaller, lighter camera. I have a plan to raise the money for it but being down to the wire, I might have to get it and repay it via those plans afterward. I will. I promise. Just being transparent. lol

Income Ideas

My plan at the beginning was to sell books that I come across in my travels, using Amazon’s FBA program, but that idea has kind of been put on a back burner. Actually books is the main thing but other stuff, and using ebay could be good too. I need to get going on that. I think I could start with some of my own books/items that are taking up space in storage. Only thing is, as I look through them, I say “Oh I still want that one” or “I want to read that one again first”, or “It’s too old. Nobody would buy it” or… you get the idea.

I have this blog and other lesser ones, which I have recently monetized again with ads. I don’t have high hopes for it making much money, but like I said, every little bit helps. I hope to make videos of my travels and while it’s for my future self, as well as my family and friends if they’re interested, possibly other people will become interested as well. Again, not high hopes but who knows. I also may set up my Patreon account for my photos and videos. We’ll see.

There are workamping opportunities if/when I become more physically able. Getting in shape is a high priority but I’ve said that for years.

With any luck, a combination of these ideas and maybe others will amount to at least a small but helpful amount.

The elephant (or big cat) in the room.

Mila. Sigh. Have I failed her?

I have failed to get her used to the idea of the motorhome. I brought her out to it once and she was scared. That was without starting the engine and creating the earthquake that is driving it. Carrying her in her crate was not an easy task for me – she’s heavy and I’m weak – and these two things (her fear and her weight. lol) discouraged me from trying more.

I have failed to get her used to a harness which is sure to be a necessary thing when traveling.

I do have to bring her to a vet to get a rabies shot, required at many RV places, and I thought a check-up would be good as it’s been a long time. I am also hopeful that they have some tips for the harness situation and adjusting it, and maybe an

anxiety remedy (for both of us!), especially for travel days.

I have had plans to give her access to the basement storage area where she could hide and use her litter box. The litter box would be near the back storage door to make it easier for me to clean it without having to stoop which is very difficult for me right now. I haven’t set this up yet. I did purchase the cat-door but I’m still hesitant to cut a hole in the wall.

First Major Trip (Second Non-Daytrip Trip)

My first trip will include visiting a friend. It will be quite a long visit if we can stand each other that long, so I will be able to fine tune some of the details of my new life and tweak the motorhome setup.

This trip will add seven states to my sticker map! New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky (return trip), Pennsylvania (return trip). While I might be visiting West Virginia, I don’t plan to stay overnight which is a criteria for my sticker plan. More about the planned trip in the RV Living section, Here We Go!

So…wish me luck, pray if you will, support my efforts, etc. I hope it will be a lot of fun.

Happy Living!

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  • Irkenberg

    Baked beans, eggs and good luck on your journey.

    • Well no spam, so it stays. Thank you for the comment and the good luck.

  • Best of luck 🙂 Sounds like you’re on the right track!


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