This Impossible Garden


What a winter it’s been.2015-02-09-17-02-21 Not that it’s over yet but it’s March. It should be winding down. Soon we’ll go from snow boots to water/mud boots, but the snow will be here for awhile still. There’s at least a couple feet in most areas.

Since this is my first post since July, I’ll try to get caught up over the next few posts.

I have a few pots of seedlings growing inside. Can’t even get near the greenhouse yet and it isn’t heated anyway. I have some lettuce (really spindly seedlings), Beefsteak tomatoes, dill, a cherry tomato I’ve been growing as a houseplant, and some tiny basil seedlings. I planted some pepper (habanero and cayenne) but it’s been several weeks and no peppers coming up yet. I’ll be replanting those and planting more stuff very soon.

Stay tuned!



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