This Impossible Garden

Here we go!

Well, maybe I won’t catch up, but make an effort to do better keeping up this season. Of course there will be references and photos from last year but I won’t try to recall the whole season.

Overall it did ok – some successes, some failures. But as I might have said in here before (but say all the time IRL), each year is a little better than the previous year. So we’re getting there

  • We (my son Jason and I) finally got asparagus planted. Fingers crossed it survived the winter. No sign of it yet. I’ve been checking since the snow melted but I guess it’s too early. I hope it’s too early. Haha
  • I got another installment of rhubarb moved from it’s old location to where the garden is now. There’s still more out there but I haven’t prepared a spot for it and it’s already starting to sprout. By the way, the moved ones are coming up too.
  • Built the compost bin. Now I know why some people make them with three compartments. Maybe that will be a future project.
  • Some success with onions from sets and a little lettuce. Peppers of all kinds were relatively slim pickin’s.
  • Using black plastic mulch made a huge difference for the tomatoes’ recurring disease problem but still not 100% happy.
  • Squashes, cukes, pole beans, carrots, beets, parsnips, and later on, peas – all booo hisss.
  • Yay, finally got and planted some Egyptian Walking Onions. Yay again, they survived the winter and are coming up vigorously as I type.
  • PLENTY of mostly Red Currant (cherry) tomatoes for my salad. Volunteers everywhere – near the compost, in the garden, growing like weeds.

The snow melted so fast. One week I was walking on top of two feet of frozen icey snow and the next week bare ground. Maybe a slight exaggeration but not much. And hardly any water went in the cellar. Well, as I said, I’ll try to keep it more up to date this garden season.So many other projects going on and my health isn’t the best, so it’s hard to keep up with everything.

Happy Gardening!

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