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Time for planning and dreaming

Happy New Year! I know it’s mid-February but it’s still a new year.

Between planning and dreaming, I’ve mostly just been dreaming. I have a big project in mind but I don’t want to allow that to make me late with planting as I am year after year. The problem with that is, the project involves raised beds that will also need to be planted.

It’s also time to put my dreams (and research) of my future North American road trip (followed by a mini homestead/farm) on hold so I can concentrate on getting the garden done in a more timely manner.

Once again I searched for stand-alone garden planning software for my PC. I found one that seemed good. It is based online but optionally has a locally installed version of the planner itself, with the data still stored online. I downloaded and installed it but the program doesn’t want to work, only the online version does. Anxious to get going I started doing some planning on the online version but that’s not really what I want. So back to the drawing board, or at least to the other online version (for loyalty reasons. 🙂 ).

There is still half a row of potatoes that never got dug up. With my broken ankle, my son and mother did a lot of the final harvesting, but I didn’t push the potato issue and so it didn’t get done.  I did ask Mr. Googlesearch if it was ok to leave the potatoes in the ground over winter but got so many varying answers that I still don’t know. I guess it depends on your zone, your area of your zone, your area of the area you’re in, what kind of winter you’ve had; and if they do survive, leaving them in the ground will encourage pests – I never even heard of wireworms. Jeesh.

We got some below-zero (°F) deep freezes, a few semi-thaws with lots of rain, some snow, and so on. The part of the garden where the potatoes are got flooded, and re-frozen, rinse and repeat, and it’s not over yet. So I’m not expecting much from them. I just hope I don’t get those bugs.

Out comes the boxes of seeds and an organized inventory will begin soon. The stores have the seeds and some/most of the seed starting supplies on display as if to say “Wayne, get going!!”

So that’s what I have to do. I need to get ready to grow food, which includes getting my ankle and left leg (and the rest of my body 🙁 ) in shape. It also includes finishing the chicken coop, building their yard and getting the chickens. Much to do.

TTFN homesteader, van dweller and full-time RV’er vlogs and blogs.  I’ll catch up with you later.

I will update (with a new post) soon.

Happy Garden Planning!



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