October by Achey Breaky Me

Well, I went and did it again.

This time I have two fractures in my ankle. Because I also had an infection, it was assumed by the doctors that it was the whole problem so I walked on it, worked on it, gardened on it, and so on for three+ weeks before a Nurse-Practitioner had the smarts to order x-rays and an ultrasound (to rule out a blood clot). Good that someone finally recognized the pain I said I was in. The swelling had gotten to my knee and beyond.

Because of time passed, the fracture, it was assumed by the Orthopedist’s office, had begun to heal and so to do surgery would require re-breaking it. Fortunately it was reasonably set in place the way it should be so as long as I don’t put any weight on it, it should heal ok. Surgery would not be necessary and would even carry some risks I was told. I’m vague on what the risks would’ve been but one thing mentioned was the CMT. Update: The risk is of infection due to my neuropathy – not having as much sensation in my feet and lower legs to know if something is wrong.

So on went a big-ass boot and and now I’m in a wheelchair until I go back to the Orthopedist. Thanks to Ibuprophen and another pain medication, and perhaps the healing process and staying off of it, I’m not in as much pain anymore.

Since I’m now a cripple, Jason and my mother have been tending to the garden and have harvested some tomatoes, beans, some peppers, squash (including a mini summer squash to slice up in salads) from the garden.

Remember this is a garden blog?

There is still half a row of potatoes that needs to be dug. I hope they’re still ok. I don’t know how long they can sit in the ground once they’re ready to harvest.

There are several small butternut squashes to be harvested. I thought you were supposed to wait until frost to harvest them but now I think that’s not necessarily the case. Jason picked the largest one today. There may actually be a frost tonight so if there is, the rest will be done growing, ready or not.

I go back to the orthopedist in one week, and hopefully I’ll be back on my feet…fingers crossed. I need to get out there and tend to some stuff. Update: Six more weeks in a wheelchair so it can fully heal.

I have to get the garlic planted before it’s too late. I also saw online how someone plants their spinach in the fall for spring crops and Paul Gautschi of Back to Eden fame plants his potatoes for next season at the same time he harvests them. I am going to try both of those ideas.

Along with tidying up and putting away things like poles and trellises, etc. I need to get the deceased plants into the compost, harvest some seeds, and don’t forget the half row of potatoes (unless I can convince Jason to do that), and even some weeding and mowing/trimming.

Lots to do. Lots to do.

Generally I think this has been a successful season with only a few minor issues. I got things going a little bit late because I was busy enhancing the fence. I was reluctant to plant too much until the fence was done.

Before the fence was done, the Jeruselum Artichokes got eaten, then they grew back and got eaten again, then the weeds took over so I think the sunchokes are a total wash. I was starting to think it was an iffy idea to have them anyway as they’re possibly invasive.

A critter “pruned” the tomato plants early on causing them to grow all bushy. On the bright side, while the tomatoes were reduced in size I did get a half-way decent amount of them and I think there was NO disease!! And the cherry tomatoes were so sweet and delicious. Update: (10/31) We had a frost so the night before, Mom and Jason went out and picked all the green tomatoes as well as any peppers, and beans. etc.

Well, have a good day and until next time, Happy Gardening!


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