The Chuck Hole

Or, What’s in a Name?

Hello. Welcome to my gardening blog.

I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite awhile. In here I hope to share my gardening experience (and inexperience), knowledge, photos (probably lots of them), questions, etc.

The ‘Chuck Hole
When I decided to finally go ahead and create this blog I was stumped on the very first question “Name of blog”. After awhile I finally decided on simply Wayne’s Garden for now, until I can think of something better. The ‘Chuck Hole came to mind right after I made that decision. I thought of it when I was looking for a background photo (decided on the peppermint for now) and saw a

The ‘Chuck Hole

picture of one of the woodchucks’ holes.

My garden has had some problems the past few years but the two biggest ones are, 1) some kind of disease or blight attacking my tomatoes (and sometimes peppers) and 2) a hungry woodchuck.

That’s where the idea for The ‘Chuck Hole came from. So the name might change to that or something similar, or something completely different. I don’t think Wayne’s Diseased Tomatoes really works.

Your ideas are welcome.

Your ideas for what’s up with my tomatoes and how to cure them, are also welcome. I will post photos of them in one of the next posts.

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