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“Back to Eden”/Paul Gautschi – Video by Justin Rhodes

The video below is fascinating to me. I’ve heard of Back to Eden Gardening but really never looked into it to see what it’s all about.

I’ve been following Justin Rhodes’ YouTube channel for some time (I binge-watched all his videos after I found him a year or so ago so technically I’ve been watching from the beginning).

Recently he and his family went on a road trip in a converted school bus, to all fifty states and into Canada, looking for North America’s greatest farms. It was called The Great American Farm Tour. One of the stops was Paul Gautschi’s garden.

Watch the first video and I hope you’ll be as amazed as I am. If so, watch the second video, which is a two hour long “Full Tour” (also by Justin Rhodes). Worth the watch IMHO.

Now to get some wood chips!

Now if that one interested you, grab some popcorn and check out this one!


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Happy Gardening!

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