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…and on and on…Life On Hold Part II

I have now been living in this place for over 15 months. I don’t know where I’d be now if it wasn’t for this house though.

I used the motor home as my little office, or as my cousin says, my fort. Just a place to hang out and for privacy during online meetings. And R & R. I used it to plan on how I would use it. I tweaked things and added accessories and decor, getting it ready to hit the road. I read books, magazines, and web pages, and watched videos, about RV’ing. Planning planning and more planning, but surprisingly I have no plans to show for it. And “driveway camping”, although not overnight. I did take a couple naps though. 🙂

I wasn’t able to take off yet for a few reasons. Although my parents were both in nursing homes, I could no longer visit them because of the pandemic…I didn’t travel anyway though, partly because of COVID – travel bans, closed campgrounds and parks, etc., although that didn’t stop some people…remember, I’m new at this.

I also had weekly visits to a wound center for a stubborn ulcer on my foot, for over a year. Surgery was needed but I was told at first that the wound had to be healed before they could do it.

Then one day my foot doctor mentioned the surgery again and I reminded him that he said it had to be healed first and he said “well, it should be, but it doesn’t have to be”. So we got it done, and voila! the wound healed right up.

In May, my mother passed away and in August, my father passed away. I’ve posted on them – I’m just trying to be chronological here (but failing, since the foot surgery wasn’t until October).

At the end of September, a storm broke some branches off a tree and they bounced off my car denting the hood/front fender, after they bounced off the motor home, punching holes in the awning and denting/bending its spool (even though the awning was closed) and damaging the roof. I patched a hole in the roof right away.

I wasn’t able to get the rig to the shop until November and they were so backed up that I’m still waiting. When they finally got to check it out they determined I needed a new roof. I guess there was more damage than the one hole I found and patched. It also needs a new awning including the spool, which of course I knew. Insurance will cover the replacement of the roof but not the awning. Last time I checked in they said the parts were in and it was scheduled to be done. The guy said he’d call me when it was brought in. I have to check to see what they have for my number because they always say they’ll call me and they never do.

I have another job to be done too. I hope they’re all caught up so they can do this job faster. That job is to set up my car and the motor home so that I can tow the car and take it with me on the road. I’ve planned to do this all along but I’m still debating whether it’s a good idea or not. It would be good to be able to get around without breaking camp but can my motor home handle it? and how bad will the gas mileage be…needless to say, it’s bad enough already. On the plus side, the car is well under the motor home’s tow rating so as I always say, we shall see.

He also said I should go ahead and make some camp site reservations. I almost did, but stopped myself and decided to wait. My first trips will probably be mostly boondocking and moochdocking. I really can’t even plan that until I have a clue when I’ll be able to go. I will take an unplanned trip to VT as soon as I get it back though. I want to get used to those mountain roads without the extra anxiety of towing a car.

And then there’s this “little” girl. Mila Monster is reluctant to change to a mobile life. She was so happy when we moved and she’s made herself at home. She’s really become attached to the place. I’m struggling to get her used to a harness which I feel would be a necessary thing. I brought her out to the motor home one night and she cried and hid and I can imagine what she’d do when I start the engine and start driving. But she surprised me when we moved here so who knows.

My sternum is still a mess. It gets to be feeling ok and then suddenly it’s bad again. It’s good right now but I’m guessing ultimately I’ll need that surgery, especially if wires are coming undone or breaking or whatever.

The Greenstalk and 5-gallon bucket gardens went OK but could’ve been better. I was curious if being away from the impossible garden, would I do better? Not to make excuses, but conditions weren’t optimal. OK maybe I just no longer have a green thumb. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to find out for sure. Either way I’ll always keep trying. And looks like I can try it again this summer too.

Well, until the next update – and I’ll try to do that much sooner this time – take care of yourselves and watch out for that nasty bug.

Happy Travels!

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