This Impossible Garden

Happy Spring!

Well it’s almost that time again. My plants are nowhere near ready to put in the ground but there’s still time for them to get there.

Awhile ago. More life in here now.

The plastic on the greenhouse has done fairly well. I put in a heater and it’s been keeping the temps above freezing at least. I have a lot of seedlings in there but the temps above freezing are not quite warm enough to keep them happy.

When it’s windy, there are enough “holes” where the wind gets in so that keeps it cooler, and it’s been windy a lot lately.

Then there was quite a long run with no sun.

The night temperatures however, have been starting to stay warmer, so that will definitely help.

Nothing in the bucket yet. Last year it was Basil..

I did some work in the area between the compost bin and the garden gate and planted some potatoes that sprouted from last years harvest, and some sunflower seeds by the bin.

The seeds were left over from last year so I planted them thickly. If they come in thickly I’ll just transplant some somewhere else.

I pulled up some grass that was growing and then Jason did some rock-picking in the garden. There will always be more rocks but there’s a few less now. Wayne’s Garden produces the best grass and rocks. At least something grows well.

Almost ready for the tiller guy to come.

 He also emptied out the rest of the compost from the bin so now we can put the rogue compost piles in there and then add more stuff. I filled a barrel first but it needs to be screened and hopefully it will all break down some more too.

Compost bin and rogue compost piles.

Got the mint and strawberry raised beds weeded and planted some garlic. Scallions are everywhere… the Egyptian onions and some others I grew from seed last year.

The rhubarb is coming in and the asparagus is also showing itself. Maybe we’ll get an asparagus harvest this year. Should have had our first one last year but they were very scrawny. This year they look about right, the ones I’ve seen so far.

 I guess that’s about it for this update. More coming soon!

Oh, PS! I couldn’t figure out how I blogged from my phone last month…I’ll try to figure it out again but I think something might have changed.



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