This Impossible Garden

It’s almost here.

Testing blogging from my phone… (I did have to edit it some from the pc but it might be just a little learning curve to get it right with the phone)

Spring is almost here, although it has almost felt that way throughout most of the winter. I can’t wait to get things growing.

I have some seedlings started inside and have been working on getting the greenhouse back in usable shape. I finally got the shattered glass cleaned up from last winter and did some cleaning and organizing.

Well this morning I got the big idea that I can blog right from my phone and maybe I’ll be able to keep up and post more often if it works out.

I put fencing over the holes in the glass before covering it with plastic, so the snow/rain wouldn’t puddle and cause it to cave in. If we don’t get the glass repaired I will have to replace the plastic with a UV resistant type. This works for now. 🙂


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