This Impossible Garden

Check them for garlic breath?

img_2786-800Last fall I planted a 4×8 raised bed with garlic, elephant garlic and shallots. They were growing well and when the hard frost came, I mulched it with straw as recommended and wished it all good luck wintering over.

After the very cold winter, I removed the mulch (which it turns out I shouldn’t have done but not a real big deal) and instead of green stalks there were shallow trails which, topped with mulch would be more like shallow tunnels. Most of the plants were gone. My first thought was mice…or moles. I know we have plenty of both. I even saw a mole in the vicinity yesterday.

Some Google research taught me that moles mainly eat bugs and worms – I’m thinking if they eat grubs they might
be worth keeping around. We have a LOT of grubs. Voles, on the other hand, eat plants…roots…bulbs! Both animals vary in appearance so I img_2766-800don’t know how to tell them apart. I’ll figure that out too I guess.

I did see a couple holes (yes, in the area) and I read that moles will have a hill, like an ant hill – voles won’t. No hills there so I guess it was not a mole hole.I think I also read (but not sure if memory serves properly) that moles’ tunnels are deeper underground and voles’are on or near the surface. If that’s correct it supports the conclusion that I have a vole “infestation”.

img_2073-800On top of the ground, a couple of the scallions and a couple onions have been decapitated.
Not sure what did it since so far I think my fence is secure enough.There still hasn’t been any sign of the woodchuck clan.

We have three rabbits living in the yard but 1) again there has been no sign of b&e and 2) I read that they were not fans of alliums. They seem to be satisfied with what’s outside the fence so far. Clover, Dandelion, grass…

Other than that, the garden is doing very well so far.

As I said before, I have been taking pictures, just haven’t had time to blog and post them. The garden is almost all planted now so I should have time soon.

Happy Gardening!

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