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Sorry for the lack of posts…

Been very busy in the yard and garden since the last post.

Burning a brush pile in the garden.

I cleared an area that we’ve come to refer to as the middle garden. This used to be a part of my stepfather’s main garden but has become overgrown with some kind of tree as well as bittersweet, grape vines and brambles. Most of it is cleared now but there’s more to go. I will have to keep up with the part that’s done or it will get taken over again.

There is also a pear tree, more pear or apple trees (not sure), some lilacs, forsythia, grapes and a volunteer peach

Rhubarb just showing up for another season.

tree (there is an old badly out-of-shape peach tree nearby and at least four volunteers in the yard). I am trying to rescue the pear trees from the grape and bittersweet vines.

It’s a crazy mess! So much to do.

The middle garden is also where the rhubarb is, but I’m in the process of moving it to the current garden. I’m only moving several img_3021plants a year so that there are always some that are established.

This is the second year of the move. I may have run out of space where I was moving them to but the ones I moved are divisions so the amount of rhubarb is very much increased, once it’s all established.

Scallions – Egyptian Walking Onions

The rhubarb could have all fit in the row where I have been moving them but I chose to plant asparagus in the other half of it.

Yes, I finally did it! At least twice, I bought asparagus roots and never got a bed prepared for them and the roots sat there and dried out. This

Compost bin – almost done but in use now.

year, my son Jason and I got the area ready first and then bought some 2-yr roots and got them planted right away. Now I’m watching intently and nervously, waiting for the asparagus to show signs of life.

I finally got some Egyptian Walking Onions (scallions). I ended up getting some on ebay. These will grow year after year and produce small bulbs on their tops. These little bulbs are saved and planted in the spring for scallions while the grownups are left to produce next spring’s bulblets. If left to nature, the weight of the bulb clusters causes the plant to lean over to the ground and the bulblets will take root and so the cycle continues. In this manner the onions “walk” across the garden, hence their name. I put them in a small edge of the strawberry bed for now, so they won’t doing any walking any time soon.

Tilled and ready to start planting

I built a new compost bin from pallets, as many YouTube gardeners have been doing. Mine is based loosely on the one by GardenFork. It’s all painted and pretty much finished. I just have a couple minor things to do still. Going to do a separate post for this.

The garden is about ready to rock. Just needs to be raked out smooth-ish and planted. The guy just did the tilling Sunday. I always call him a little late for the season but not too late. Not for any good reason, I just get busy and forget to call him.

Last year I had to call him twice because he forgot about me. I started to wonder if he forgot me again but he didn’t. He was just concerned about the rain and the soil being too wet.

8’x10′ “Early Garden”

I have a smaller garden that I planted peas in. A lot of them didn’t comeimg_2811
up or the birds ate them, so I recently filled the spaces with Italian Green Beans and planted a row (about 8′) of swiss chard. We’ll see what happens. The garden is only 8×10 feet roughly and is handy for early plantings when the main one hasn’t been tilled yet.

Last year or the year before (it’s all a blur) I planted corn in it, which didn’t do well. I have never been good at growing corn. But the critters liked it, being less picky than us humans.


So this pretty much catches us up. Now I can try to stay caught up and show the progress from here, as well as anything I might have missed in this update.

Happy Gardening!

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