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After a late start – July Update

The two potato rows.

Things are growing! Some plants have been slow starting but are gaining momentum.

The potato rows (2) are in the new section of garden and they are doing amazingly. A few seemingly random plants have dropped and I wonder what hit them. One died early on (see the space in the row in the photo) and I thought it got stepped on or bumped with the hoe or something, but it should have started growing again if that was the case. There’s a couple at the other end that more recently got wilty and they seem to be hanging in there but still don’t look good. Now these didn’t turn yellow first and start to die of natural potato causes indicating time to harvest. They just suddenly wilted.


The nettle fertilizer really seems to make a difference but I didn’t leave a control group to compare to. I used it up today. I’m not sure there’s enough nettles to make more now but I’ll make something,maybe even compost tea.

Although I added eight feet to one end of the garden, I have eightish feet in the middle that still haven’t been planted. I am still working on planting and mulching, but the planting is now geared toward fall crops.

I’m all out of bagged leaves so I’m using the push mower with the rear bagger and using that for mulch and getting some edge work done to boot! The riding mower doesn’t have grass catchers. I’ve been putting down cardboard first, then mulch on that.

I was going to use straw but I’m concerned about whether the grower has used herbicides that would kill my garden. I might get some where I did before and just ask them. If they grew their own they would know, I assume. I can’t imagine they bought it if they are selling it. But if I do go, I’ll ask questions.

The pea plants in the tp rolls eventually died because I never got them planted, so I replanted the pots with more peas. Hope it’s not too early to start fall peas because they’re already sprouting.

My fence fortification has helped tremendously but some wascally wodent has still been gaining access and snacking on the fresh bean plants. Grrr. There are some areas of fence that are less secure than the rest but still very secure. There are also a couple small holes in the ground near the fence but I don’t see any holes IN the garden so I dunno. Hmm, maybe they’re eating the underground potatoes.

I suspect the woodchucks as opposed to the rabbits. I haven’t come across baby bunnies this year and I doubt the adult rabbits will climb over the 3 foot fence or through the 2×4 mesh above the one foot of chicken wire. I bet however, that the ‘chucks can climb over, fit through the 2×4 mesh (they’re young ‘uns), and/or pull the chicken wire down where it isn’t attached to the fence at the upper part and walk through. I haven’t seen any sign of it though ie; hair on the fence, bent wires (except the spot where I hit it with the lawn mower), nor paths, mounded dirt, etc. It’s a mystery. I could also be dealing with something different. Perhaps a chipmunk – that would explain the holes I mentioned. Hmm.

A Sasquatch could easily walk right in there too, but the damage would probably be more extensive. Plus there would be big-foot prints. Hahaha.

Happy Gardening!





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