This Impossible Garden

Getting the ball Rolling, and First Attack of the Season

Sorry it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

So yesterday I planted my first crops in the garden. I mounded the rows to see how that would work and it seems like it’s going to work well. At least I was able to plant a few things without being on my knees. That was awesome. I wish I’d realized that at the beginning of the planting instead of at the end, but my foot was in some pain from that short time anyway. But when my foot is better that will be good.

I went out this morning to see if my plants got eaten and was sad to see they were attacked. But I can’t tell if they were eaten. Most of them were dug up and left there, so all I have to do is get out there and replant everything. Then I’ll know what’s missing. Note: Nothing eaten, just dug up.

My minimal amount of research points to squirrels/chipmunks and rabbits, among other things but those are the most likely in this case I think.

Note: I never finished this entry as I got busy, tired, achey-breaky, etc. The critters have turned out to be only a normal, minimal problem, almost not a problem at all. I decided (7/19) that I should go ahead and post it anyway. A new one is in the works as well.

Happy Gardening!

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