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Posted on Sunday, July 21, 2013, at blog.darkskywv.net. Good info if you’re actually interested in my messy web presence.

Here I am!

~The links in this post were updated 11/10/2019~

“So it’s been awhile hasn’t it? I wonder if anyone even reads this anymore. I noticed I have started out several entries this way. lol.

“I just went through and “touched up” some of the older entries, fixing/replacing links and deleting or unpublishing several that no longer contain the originally posted content…such as slideshows from a site (Fotki) that made me delete hundreds of pictures even though I was still paid up for unlimited storage a couple years ahead (plus they randomly change the urls so linked photos don’t work anymore, but that hasn’t happened in here. It has happened in my other blogs though).

“Speaking of my other blogs, I certainly do have others. Even though I haven’t updated this one lately, I have been a little busier with the following:

  • Dark Sky Photo Blog is the latest title for my long-running photo blog that started out in 2009 as a Project-365 (as seen in an early post in this blog – note: post disappeared so I disabled the link…spooky stuff happening here. lol), followed by a short-lived p365 in 2010, which soon became simply a photo blog and stayed that way until now. I don’t post much in there anymore, but there’s still a lot to see there if you’ve never checked it out. Remember when i mentioned Fotki randomly changes the urls? This is the blog where that will be most noticeable. But right now you’ll only find a few blank spaces out of hundreds of photos, so it’s still worth a look!
  • Saturdays! is my more kicked-back, no pressure, fun blog. But it started out as a Project-52. I thought a p52 would be so much more do-able than the ol’ p365, especially when the day of the planned weekly posting is actually the name of the blog, but it turns out it just isn’t easy for me to stay on task. This is the one to pay attention to though, as I update it the most often. In some ways it’s the replacement for Dark Sky Photo Blog.
  • Dark Sky Photography is actually the new official website for my photo endeavors (can’t call it a business yet as I just haven’t officially made that jump or made any money) and there is a blog there too, obviously the main reason I mention it here. This is a WordPress site – the only blog listed here that isn’t a Blogger blog. Oops, no it isn’t…
  • Tumblr – guess what the name of this blog is. Yup, Dark Sky Photography, like a broken record. But I will probably be renaming it soon. I started a Tumblr just to try it out and now that i have the WordPress blog, and all these, I don’t actually need this one, but I’m going to keep it anyway, just because I follow some blogs on Tumblr.

“So don’t get bored waiting for me to update this one. I sometimes go months at a time without posting in here. I don’t want to delete it though. Not yet anyway. I thought Saturdays! could take the place of this one, but they’re really like apples and oranges in comparison. So this will remain for now.

“Enjoy the links above and please let me know you’ve been here, and there and there and there and there…

“Have a great day!

“Note: Regarding my Tumblr, I will have to contact the good people at Tumblr (is it still Yahoo?) as I have lost access to my account.”

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