Hello! This is a website to update people about all my websites.

The main thing is I’m phasing out the domain darkskywv. com, for starters. Websites associated with that domain have been, or will soon be, moved to this domain (darkskywv. net), the fate of which will then also be uncertain.

Most of my websites have their own domain names though. Only a couple sites are subdomains of darkskywv.net as well as a currently unpublished site and a couple blogs.

Allyson – Always in our Hearts. A memorial page for my friend.
This Impossible… My gardening and RV living blogs.

These two are at Blogger.com, but they use a custom URL:

Now blog.DarkSkyWV.net, and soon it will either be changed again, or more likely just retired. Last time I posted in here was in 2014.


Saturdays! was originally a follow-up to the Project 365s. It was intended as a Project 52 plus (posted on Saturdays! Aha moment?) and then it became just a regular blog. Last posted in 2017.

Original title/header from Saturdays!

Continue reading about darkskywv, etc. web sites and blogs HERE.
(link goes to a blog post, still on this site)

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy my sites. w~