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This story continues from the main page… is my latest domain. It was originally created to help facilitate a tricky website migration and I decided to keep it, at least for now. It might well become the replacement for when I finally phase that name out. Currently it points to this site. Yup, this one right here. Try it . Click *. See? Half the job is done already!
*(BTW there’s an anchor in the links above to bring you back to this article. You’re not losing your mind).
Update – Full disclosure: This worked when I first did it but not anymore. I figured it out and kinda fixed it but it loses its brilliance since the link to the anchor is now instead of

As you may have figured out, I’ve grown tired of the whole Dark Sky thing. All good things come to an end…well most do anyway. But dark sky photography lives on, just not on MY dime. It’s become a popular term when referring to astro-photography and the likes. I didn’t know that when I named my business. I was just on a DarkSky kick with user names, websites, blogs, etc., so it was only natural to continue that. Maybe I accidentally coined the phrase, or more likely it was already there and I just didn’t realize it.

The website darkskywv. com also had run it’s course and has now been deleted. It was one of the remaining few that were still done with good ol’ fashioned HTML (proudly hand coded in Notepad). Most of my sites are WordPress now. It was a hard decision to delete it though. I was tempted to bring it up to date but I seriously think I have enough going on. How many unmaintained blogs and websites does one person need anyway?

Two of my other sites that aren’t really affected by the whole / thing, but are worth mentioning: - Formerly darkskyphoto. com. No longer a business, but I keep the site and hope to eventually use it for displaying my photography (as a hobby). It's not dark sky photography although I do have an interest in that.
The Dark Sky Photo Project is another site with a custom URL. It shows off many of my earlier photos. It was a Project 365 for 2009. There was a new blog in 2010 for the second 365, but after a few months it became just a photo a day blog. Sounds like the same thing but it's much less pressure. Later I merged the two blogs and renamed it The Dark Sky Photo Project.
I enjoy going back to it, both to see my old photos (some are not good at all. lol) and laugh at my writings and the comments. I hope I can get such witty humor back into my life someday...the sooner the better.

I decided to use the blog feature of this site to ramble more about my web design addiction, more specifically the websites, etc. I’ve made over the years, and future and present plans.

Unfortunately I am assuming that this is boring and uninteresting stuff to most people (I was going to say “most readers”, but yeah, I doubt it. Haha. But if by chance you are reading this, even if you find it boring, and especially if you don’t, please be sure to let me know. Thanks!

In either case, this site will help me try to get a little more organized.

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