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Welcome to my gardening blog. In here I hope to share my gardening experience (and inexperience), knowledge, photos (probably lots of them), questions, and more, as I begin branching out from just gardening.

About “Wayne’s Garden”

This is a blog about my gardening, usually not a how-to. In most cases it’s not even a how-I-do, but more of a what-I-did, I suppose.

I’ve been trying to revive a patch of land that used to be covered with mostly pine trees (and later on a lawn with pine trees), on an extremely low budget*…and with Mother Nature usually working against me! My results may do vary. But it is getting a little better each year.

I have been gardening for most of my life! But this garden is making me feel like a beginner again, learning new things, experimenting etc. Always good to learn new things.
*Still a low budget but things have finally improved! Yay!

What’s in a name?

I’ve been trying different names for this site. I recently came up with Wayne’s Impossible Garden, then The Impossible Garden sounded even better.  I liked it a lot. The garden right now seems almost impossible to get consistently good results. So it fits!

Then I did a Google search for The Impossible Garden and was returned with many search results…so in the interest of having a name that’s somewhat unique, I’m still pondering.

For now I think I’ll name it This Impossible Garden. I think eventually I’ll try to come up with a more positive name. 🙂

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I also have a page listing gardening related books and tools at Amazon (see below). Check them out and if you purchase anything from a link here I get a little kickback. Thanks in advance! NOTE: This is no longer available, maybe temporarily, maybe forever. 🙁

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About Wayne?

You’re welcome to drop a line with any question you might have about me, the garden, gardening or the website, etc.

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Happy Gardening!


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