Mother Earth News Fair

I spent the weekend (6/10 and 6/11) at the Mother Earth News Fair, in Essex Junction, VT. I went up Friday and stayed at my cousin’s, then went to the fair, stayed Saturday night at a hotel, then went to the fair and stayed at my cousin’s Sunday night – came home Monday.

Waiting to meet the Wranglerstars and get their book signed.

Here’s a link to their website. This is to the VT one but if you’re interested in seeing where they’ve been and where they’re going next, you can see that there too and/or click around the site to learn more about it.

I missed a few of the speakers I wanted to see, by being late (a half hour roughly both days) and being sidetracked or delayed a couple times. But I had a great time anyway.

I bought several books and had two signed by their authors, Joel Salatin (an innovative farmer and a busy author!), and the Wranglerstars (homesteaders and very nice people!). <– Those are affiliate links btw.

My only complaints would be that 1) the ambient noise during the workshops, etc. made it hard or impossible for people to hear the speaker, especially if you weren’t seated right in front and 2) Several times I got to a workshop a little early or right on time only to find they were well underway.

Sunday I wore my “Compost Your Enemies” T-Shirt designed by David The Good and got all kinds of positive “feedback”.  The shirt was a hit. So I wrote and told him about it. He featured my note in a blog post HERE.

Was the fair worth is financially? I’m not sure. When finding the books to put the links above, I saw that I sure didn’t save any money on books. I know I got two signed but I bought a lot of books…well, several were supposedly discounted so maybe I saved a little on them. I’ll have to look them up.

But the atmosphere was great, I met some people I know of from YouTube, and I did have a weekend away. That was a very nice break. I think it was at least worth it from that aspect.

Yeah. If they’re (somewhat) in the area next year, I think I’ll do it again.


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