Bought a Cielcera “Hori Hori” knife on Amazon

This winter, during my “wanna garden” frenzy, I bought a “hori hori” style gardening knife. There’s quite a selection of them on Amazon. I wanted one that had a very good customer rating. I didn’t want it to break on me, as I’ve read about some doing. After all they are expected to be a work horse. I think I made a good choice.

There were three that it came down to in the price range I wanted and I finally decided on the Cielcera*. It feels nice and sturdy, is full-tang with a guard to keep my sweaty hand from sliding down into the blade (I thought that was called a hilt but I looked it up and now I’m not sure what it’s called…just a hand guard I guess), came with a leather sheath – nothing fancy but good and seems durable – and it came in a nice gift box. I would gladly trade the gift box for an even better sheath, but it’s nice I guess, especially if giving it as a gift.

I wrote most of the above back in February. I’ve since had the chance to use the tool and it is amazing. My favorite gardening tool of the year.

I used it first to break new ground and opened up a 2 x 12 garden bed and a small section out front. It helped me dig out grass, cut through roots*, dig out small – medium rocks, and of course, dig holes for planting. It has marks for measuring the soil depth as you can see in the photo.

My son Jason used it to do some planting too, which I’ll be doing much more of soon.

* I think the blade needs to be resharpened now. I also used the saw edge for some of the roots.

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