Greenhouse Repairs

You may recall a couple winters ago, several panes of glass in theOuch greenhouse shattered under the weight of the unusual amount of snow we got that year.

In March I finally had some money to get some plexiglass to replace most of them. There is still one section to do and some tweaks where the plexiglass doesn’t lie flat. I’ll have to figure out what to do with that situation but it seems where there’s less of an overlap there’s less bowing…doesn’t really make sense to me but that might be the answer, or part of it anyway.

I bought a four-pack of the size I needed online from Home Depot, which was enough to do two sections, leaving one section (2 sheets) left to repair. I don’t want to buy another four-pack for two sheets even though the remaining two would be good to have on hand for an emergency or other projects. I have to find a smaller quantity. In the meantime I have it very loosely covered with a piece of plastic (one of the peel-off backing sheets from the plexiglass) and a short scrap of plexiglass.

Happy to have it (almost) done and it looks so much better than the tattered plastic that was on it last year. Now to clean up all the scraps, etc. and the entire inside. What a mess, but I’m getting there.

Happy Gardening!




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