And we’re almost there…

I started dill in the greenhouse, and it was enjoyed by ‘chucks and bunnies once planted outdoors. There may be a small one or two survivors left.


I think I’m going to scatter some seeds, and cross my fingers. It’s July so I’m not sure there’s time for it to fully mature but I should get something out of it anyway.

The garden sage I planted last year is really doing great. Problem is, we don’t use it. The bees sure love it when it’s flowering though, so I think I will move it somewhere for them. It and the oregano really took over the spearmint bed, although, I might move the mints too.

As mentioned in a previous entry, I am rethinking the raised beds and now this adds to that whole thing. Maybe I’ll make a raised herb garden outside the fence.

The garden is now mostly planted (like I said, it’s July). I’ll get a new photo today. There’s a lot more going on than in the photo below.2016-06-05-13-27-19

As mentioned, I’m at war again with the bunnies and woodchucks. There are chipmunks around too. I haven’t seen them in there but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I’m just about finished putting deer netting on the fence all around the garden. This will keep the little bunnies from hopping right through the 2×3 spacing in the fence. I attached it to the fence with zip-ties and staked it down with those landscape fabric staples to help prevent them from going under it. It should help at least.2016-06-22-10-45-25

They’ve already been working on it, possibly with some success, but why do they try so hard when there’s plenty of “wild food” around.

Next step, to spray some kind of repellent around the perimeter, and if that all fails I’m going with electric fence. Bzzzt.


2 thoughts on “And we’re almost there…

  • August 15, 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Part of the problem is the weeds in the garden are so far out of control that it gives the little critters plenty of room to hide…so they have all kinds of choices within the fenced area and they're somewhat protected from predators as well.

  • July 15, 2016 at 5:22 am

    I hope the repellent works. It's too bad the garden plants are so tempting to them, with all that diverse "wild food" outside the garden.


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